The Confidence to Collaborate

As the speed of the world has increased, so has the opportunity for collaboration. There may have been a time when teams and individuals could operate in isolation, but the forces of social media and consumer empowerment have made that a distant memory. We live in a moment where our full potential to add value to consumers lies in uniting the boundless creativity and knowledge base of individuals. But how do we unlock that potential? Using examples from HBO’s storied marketing legacy, this session will provide ways of bringing innovative thinking and effective execution to light. This session is for experienced marketers who want to develop their abilities to lead and participate in high functioning teams capable of breaking new ground through superior collaboration.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Unite and rally teams by establishing a culture of trust and transparency
  • Establish clear goals and roles that will allow you to effectively divide and conquer
  • Create feedback loops that will set you up for ongoing improvement