A Sound Community: Building Engagement With Podcasting

Audio is the most-used media on mobile, and podcasts are central to growth in audience and time spent listening. With 104 million monthly listeners and a strong cohort of ardent super users that consume upwards of 12+ hours of podcasts a week (Edison Research’s 2020 Super Listener Study), podcasts represent a powerful opportunity for brands to engage with their community and inspire meaningful dialogue. In order to have real impact though, brands need to build audio experiences and messaging that are contextually-relevant for the listener. This session is for digital marketers interested in learning about changes in the podcasting landscape and how to integrate podcasts into their marketing strategy to create engagement with their audience.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand growth trends in podcasting and its potential in your marketing strategy
  • Understand the relationship-based economy of podcasts
  • Apply effective tactics to share your brand’s message in podcasting