How To Refocus on Your Strengths and Engage with Next Generation Members

Last year, who knew you would need to throw your content strategy goals and objectives out the window and shift gears? Many of us had to quickly adapt our skills and lean on each other to keep our heads above virtual water and deliver alternative programming in new formats to our community members. The same plot twist that overwhelmed us more than likely caught our members off guard as well and knocked everyone off balance, especially those just beginning their career journey. Did you need to add new skills or dust off some old ones? How proactive are you with meeting these new challenges, and are you ready for the next wave? Have you seen the impact of this shift on your web traffic? This session will guide you to refocus your efforts on your strengths, then help you create a plan to develop new career service support structures, including the identification of key influencers in your arena, to attract and retain members.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Clearly understand the advantage of a life-long learner mentality to add your value at the hybrid table
  • Evaluate data to identify changes in member engagement
  • Create a plan to add resources to drive traffic back to your website

This session is geared toward those working in membership or career service departments whose goals include leveraging the expertise of its current members to effectively engage/attract future members.