Overwhelmed and Stressed Out? Turn Chaos to Clarity in Your Non-Profit/Association

As a community builder, you’re balancing priorities, being pulled in different directions, and trying to further your organizational mission…all while attempting to exercise and eat healthy regularly. No wonder you’re exhausted! What if you could FOCUS in a new way and PROPEL your goals forward once and for all? When you get honest about what’s important, your discipline, habits, and even your goals will change based on what you actually WANT. Stop feeling so scattered and take control of your life and work in this workshop that will show you how. It’s time to say ‘bye’ to stress and burnout and get back in the driver’s seat.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • See how thinking like a “big corporation” can help give you focus
  • Eliminate distractions that are wasting your time and holding you back
  • Walk away with the top priorities you need to focus on right now

This session is for leaders and managers who are part of an association or non-profit and feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.