Building a Successful Mentoring Program

Content is king but connections are priceless. Adding value to your membership program is key to increasing recruitment of new members and improving member retention. A successful mentoring program can help members expand their network, acquire new skills, obtain professional certifications, and discover new job opportunities. This value creates loyalty to the association, nurtures future ambassadors, and encourages further involvement throughout the association. But what do you need to consider when launching or revamping a mentoring program? This session will provide you with the tactics and tools for creating mentoring programs that drive value and impact. Association Membership and Marketing professionals with varied years of experience but continuously focused on increasing member value should attend this talk.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Improve member value for Gen Z to Baby Boomers
  • Apply key points when developing the program’s strategic market plan
  • Implement next steps after launch to ensure engagement, which include tips for establishing touch points, expectations, and resources