The Never-Ending Pursuit for Better Member Value

Identifying what drives value for members and figuring out how to deliver that value was challenging even before factoring in a global pandemic. There is no magic bullet, no perfect playbook. Despite our nuances and differing industries, many associations are on similar journeys.The American Marketing Association has been on (and is still on) its own journey to deliver constantly-improving value to members. The journey to date has been filled with ups, downs, wins, and lessons learned. So close your other browser tabs and turn on your listening ears to soak up those lessons for use in your own association’s journey.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Leverage data and insights to identify challenges and guide pivots
  • Understand the value of testing, measuring, and sometimes leaping with no net (like many of us have during the pandemic)
  • Align internal teams to deliver a cohesive customer experience
  • Recognize and leverage the value of internal and external stakeholders