Adopt an Entrepreneurial Marketing Perspective and Stop Asking for Resources!

What prevents marketing success for your association? There are well-worn themes and we’ll touch on those. But this talk will primarily focus on the organizational structures, internal barriers, and leadership thinking that can undermine your success, and will provide you with a new playbook to attract and retain members. You’ll hear fresh perspectives on what to consider, what to ignore, and what to focus on to provide a better P/L for your organization and your marketing. Be ready to enter with questions and exit with a strategic mindset that will force you to decide what NON-marketing variables you can embrace to lean into your skills and increase value for your organization too. Aggressive Marketers who are willing to look outside of marketing to drive marketing success should attend this talk.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify organizational structures and gaps that will help you decide where to focus
  • Decide what priorities and resources to let go of
  • Apply strategic and tactical decision-making skills based on the relevant situation report