Effectively Test and Optimize Your Organization’s Email Campaigns for Greater Impact

For the last 20+ years, email marketing has been misunderstood in many organizations. It is often the least funded and most understaffed part of the marketing organization, yet email marketing has chugged along and, in some cases, hasn’t changed in many years.

We have talked about best practices to innovations at email conferences in the past, yet we often find our industry still struggling with testing and optimization. No more.

Join Andrew Kordek of iPost, a 21-year veteran of email marketing, as he gives you a pragmatic and sometimes humorous way to get your team, your program, and your organization focused on using email testing and optimization tactics that drive results.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Start and stay testing with 10 easy steps
  • Get a bigger budget for email innovation, and understand what bright shiny objects (err…innovations) you should focus on
  • Break yourself of vanity metrics and focus on new ones
  • Reevaluate the best practices that may actually be working against you

Prepare yourself for a 40-minute joy ride to email marketing utopia and leave the room screaming HECK YA…EMAIL MARKETING ROCKS!